Marine Aluminum Plate Manufacturers in China

In the modern shipbuilding industry, especially in the construction of high-speed ships, in order to achieve light weight and improve the ship's speed, the marine aluminum alloy structure with lower density is often used. 5083 marine aluminum plate with high strength and strong corrosion resistance, suitable for the harsh marine environment, has become a commonly used marine aluminum plate.

Marine aluminum plate manufacturers in China - Haomei Aluminum produce 5083 marine aluminium plate H116/H321/H112 temper, used for yachts, cruise ships, fishing vessels on the hull. 5083 marine aluminium plate used as a shipbuilding plate not only lightweight significant, from the ship designer's point of view, the use of ships manufactured by aluminum plate in the same power conditions can have faster speed, and longer service life.

marine aluminum plate manufacturers in China

What are the advantages of 5083H116 aluminum plate offered by marine aluminum plate manufacturers in China?

1、Welding performance

In shipbuilding can not be restored through the method of heat treatment due to welding and loss of performance, and 5083 marine grade aluminum plate has good welding crack resistance, and the welded joint performance after welding is not much different, and therefore very conducive to shipbuilding welding use.

2、Corrosion resistance

Marine aluminum plate will form a layer of dense aluminum oxide film on its surface after contact with air, which can well resist the erosion of the elements in seawater. Together with the anodic oxidation technology, the aluminum alloy ship plate can maintain a very stable form in seawater.

3、Cold and hot forming performance

During the construction process, the ship has to undergo cold processing (such as folding, rolled edge, roll bending, stamping, etc.) and hot processing (such as hot bending, firework orthopedic, etc.). Therefore, it is required that the marine aluminum alloy is easy to process and shape, and does not produce cracks and other defects when processing, and can still meet the strength, corrosion resistance and other performance requirements after processing, 5083 aluminum plate to meet the performance requirements of the marine aluminum plate.

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