DNV Certified Marine Aluminium

DNV certification, the full name of DNV-DET NORSKE VERITAS, is an authoritative, professional, and independent non-profit organization. DNV certified marine aluminium require good low-temperature toughness and welding performance, which first need to be guaranteed in the aluminum smelting process, and secondly, effective controlled rolling and controlled cooling processes need to be implemented.

DNV certified marine aluminium

For DNV certified marine aluminium plates used on ships, they generally need to have superior corrosion resistance. 5000 series aluminum plates have strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion capabilities among aluminum alloys, so they are used more on ships. The commonly used DNV approved aluminum plate are 5052/5083/5086. Since there is more moisture on the ship, marine grade aluminum plate is also a necessary product for shipbuilding.

5083 aluminum plate: Mostly used as ship plates.

5052 aluminum plate: Lower in strength than 5083, mostly used for small ships or ship components.

5086 aluminum plate: Applied more in shipbuilding.

Anti-slip plate: 5454 marine grade aluminum tread plate.

Generally, when comparing the quality of shipbuilding aluminum plates, the certification of the factory by classification societies will also be considered. Choosing a large-scale manufacturer is more reliable.

A certain series of DNV certified marine aluminium products certified by our company are widely used in the manufacturing of metal parts for ships at home and abroad due to their high corrosion resistance and good weldability. The American ABS certification, China CCS classification society certificate, Norwegian DNV classification society certification, French classification society certification, and British Lloyd's Register certification provide strong support for the quality of marine grade aluminum plates in accordance with European standards.

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